Ewelina Moniuszko

Software Developer



Web Application build with OpenStreetMap, Javascript, Websockets and JSON.

Places web application

Build with OpenStreetMap and Mapbox web application which allows you create an interactive connection between a desktop application and phone. You can simply draw own polygon locations and set message or volume level on connected to application phone. Once phone will enter your location, the message will show up in notifications and volume changes will apply automatically. The application also using real-time features like poke, location, or phone user response display. Web application is build with HTML5, CSS 3, Native Javascript, REST (JSON) API, Websockets.

Be fit

Responsive website build in HTML 5, CSS and Javascript for weight tracking Android Application.

Be fit application website

Build with HTML5, CSS 3 and Javascript elements simple website offers a clean and crisp design and mirroring light feel of application. The site is fully optimised for desktop, tablet and phone users.


Online portfolio

Creative portfolio build from design in HTML5, CSS and jQuery with JSON.

Nikodem Szymanski online portfolio

Build from client-supplied Photoshop design website using HTML5, CSS 3 and jQuery. Paired with custom mobile application and CMS, this responsive portfolio is based on external REST (JSON) API and is fully dynamic. The site use Google Maps API and custom Lightbox.


Forever Poland seller website.

Twitter Bootstrap - based HTML 5, CSS, jQuery build website for Forever Poland member.

Forever Poland seller products offer.

Build using HTML 5, CSS3 and jQuery products presenting website based on Twitter Bootstrap. The site is connected with external REST (JSON) API for easy maintenance of product offer.



Hello, my name is Ewelina and I’m Software Developer.

I combine passion and creativity to make impressive looking software. I used to make photography and graphic design, I have interest in UI and UX and try take best pieces of that to implement in my work. I learnt that look, comfort and feel of software depends on many elements and I fit them all. Im always on the run, likes being busy and since I enjoy what I do, never find life boring. I like learning and challenges, they keep my mind open and help to improve.

My goal is to make world better place. I believe I'm doing it everyday by creating software that makes people lives easier. I'm aware though I can't stop, and I need to work even harder to change the world for you.

Long story short: I like technology and programming and glue it with nice design pieces to create beautiful and functional software. If you want more information about me, my skills and want know more about my work - contact me.


Web development

Graphic design



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Coventry, UK